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Home Fire Sprinkler Summit


NFPA's Home Fire Sprinkler Summit brings together fire safety officials and sprinkler advocates for networking, sharing of lessons learned, and developing best practices. Attendees are equipped with the information and resources they need to help make the case for sprinkler requirements.


NFPA's Home Fire Sprinkler Summit brings together fire safety advocates that discuss ways to promote sprinkler requirements.

  • 2016 Summit - Boston  
    Leaders from U.S. state sprinkler coalitions and key sprinkler supporters from Canada attended a special summit aimed at energizing influencers as they promote home fire sprinklers in their regions
  • 2015 Summit - Phoenix
    A live burn/fire sprinkler demonstration kicked off a two-day event featuring presentations from a fire marshal of a community with a sprinkler ordinance, a homebuilder turned sprinkler advocate, and a legislative policy adviser 
  • 2015 Summit - Boston
    Complementing a day of presentations, which included a pro-sprinkler developer, was a strategy session where attendees offered their input on such topics as sprinkler coalition building and methods for addressing sprinkler opposition. 
  • 2014 Summit - Durham
    The second summit held in 2014 brought together a legislator championing for sprinkler requirements, a burn survivor who has become a vocal sprinkler advocate, and fire protection engineer discussing the successes of Maryland's statewide sprinkler adoption.
  • 2014 Summit - Denver
    Speaking at the Denver event was a pro-sprinkler homebuilder, water purveyor, and California state fire marshal, among others, who underscored the importance of sprinkler requirements
  • 2013 Summit
    The lineup of speakers at the Chicago event included a burn nurse, state legislator who supports sprinklers, and Maryland fire official who discussed a statewide sprinkler adoption
  • 2012 Summit
    Attendees at this Chicago summit were all ears during presentations from a burn survivor who was severely injured in a house fire and an Alaskan city council member who discussed tax credits for sprinkler system installations.

Panel session 2

(From left) Sam Davis, a homebuilder from Florida; Tom Lia, a firefighter and longtime sprinkler advocate from Illinois; Rep. Ruth Balzer from Massachusetts; and Scott Somers, Vice Mayor of Mesa, AZ, participated in a panel session at one of NFPA's Home Fire Sprinkler Summits.