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Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition

Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition

The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) is a leading resource for accurate, noncommercial information and materials about home fire sprinklers for consumers, the fire service, builders, and other professionals.

Founded in 1996 in response to the tremendous need to inform the public about the life-saving value of home fire sprinkler protection, HFSC offers free educational material about home fire sprinklers, how they work, why they provide affordable protection and answers to common myths and misconceptions about their operation.

Interactive Video Guide

HFSC Interactive Video Guide
HFSC has developed an interactive video guide designed to provide easy-to-understand information about home fire sprinklers in an entertaining way. The short video segments walk through the basics: why fire sprinklers are needed, how they work, and how they are installed. The guide also provides links to HFSC's extensive video collection and website.

Print materials

HFSC Educational print pieces
Order free copies of HFSC print materials, including consumer brochures, a public education toolkit, the BUILT FOR LIFE Homebuilders Kit, the "Living with Sprinklers Kit", and the "HFSC Fire and Sprinkler Burn Demonstration Kit" to help fire departments – large and small – host a live fire demonstration.

Display banners

 HFSC Display banners

HFSC offers free display banners (48.25" x 93.5") that are powerful tools to educate the consumer on the benefits of fire sprinklers. "Protect What You Value Most" has the basic facts of how fire sprinklers can save lives and protect families. The flashover chart explains how fast home fires can become deadly. "Protecting Your Community" is aimed at local officials, and "Save Lives and Water" speaks to water purveyor.

Videos and interactive materials

HFSC Educational videos

HFSC offers a full range of free videos and interactive materials to help you make the case for home fire sprinklers to a variety of audiences, including homeowners, builders, the fire service, water purveyors, and local officials.